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RRP ProGuard Family
Plain black

The ProGuard is our amazing new range of FRONT and REAR mudguards for disc brake mountain bikes offering unmatched protection from mud and spray, it’s perfect for Trail, Enduro or Downhill racers and essential for the weekend warrior looking for the very best protection. Our design intent was to increase the tire clearance, improve fit, and reduce the mud clogging issues seen with this type of mudguard. The ProGuard MINI REAR is primarily designed to protect your shock, linkages and bearings from getting hammered at high velocity from mud and spray off the back wheel, it’s not designed to protect the rest of the bike or the rider. There are multiple fitting options via snap-off holes and wide holes on the arms that allow for angle adjustment for various seat stay configurations.

ProGuard –  Velcro/Cable Tie

  • Slots and holes for both cable tie or our new Velcro attachment option (sold separately)
  • Velcro straps have silicone impregnated on the inside of the strap for a solid grip on the lower legs whilst protecting them
  • Rubber pads to adhere to the sides and top to protect the fork and significantly improve stability
  • Side recess in main guard to increase clearance from the top crown arch on bottom out
  • Slight increase in Seal Shield size for improved protection over the Bolt On design
  • ‘Easy Clean’ matte textured finish with gloss highlights as seen on the Bolt On
  • Small enough to fit and forget for all year round use
  • the existing ProGuard Standard, MAX Protection and Rear have been updated to include the listed features below

Available in 1 size

Rear: 325mm long - 64g (without velcro / cable ties)

Availability & Handling

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  • Questions and support, drop us an email  service@gamux.ch
  • shipped within 48-72 hours if in stock or immediately when back in stock

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