GAMUX FACTORY RACING S1/E6 | WC #3 Leogang Vous lisez MANITOU MATTOC 1 minute

Manitou is excited to introduce the fork of tomorrow by invoking lessons from the origin of the brand. With the introduction of the new Mattoc, the suspension experts from the big red M take a bold step toward creating the perfect fork of the future while also staying true to their roots. In the beginning there was mountain biking, suspension, and suspension for mountain biking. No matter how you rode, you were a mountain biker and one Manitou solution served everyone’s needs. The sport has evolved and specific disciplines (and their specific componentry) have arisen, yet outside of enduro and downhill, everyone is still mountain biking, free to interpret the sport however they choose. The new Mattoc represents the fork for the rest of us, from XC to trail to light enduro and everything in between. It is the veritable jack of all trades, that excels in all it does, thanks to its “versatile specificity”. Better in every way and adaptable to all needs it really is #thepeoplesfork, it is MANITOU MATTOC.

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