After a few days at home, trying to zero in on all the points the team wanted to improve upon, it was already time for another world cup weekend. This time Bikeparkleogang in the middle of the stunning Austrian Alps. Everything looked to go our way, with the boys piloting their Segos down the muddy and supper slippery track. All it would take to make finals was a solid top section and no crash in the last woods. Find out how Lino and Loris fared and what happened over the course of this mud-fest
Hayes Bicycle Group Launches: Gravel and Trail Wheels plus new Manitou dropper post - GAMUX

Hayes Bicycle Group Launches: Gravel and Trail Wheels plus new Manitou dropper post

GRAVEL For your off-pavement experience, the Reynolds and SUNringlé gravel wheel collections are up to the challenge. The steepest gravel climbs, the roughest descents and technical singletracks; this is where our gravel wheels shine. Our collection of gravel wheels features the most comprehensive collection available to the adventure gravel rider – complimenting the existing Reynolds ATR wheels with aerodynamic technology, and the G series with lightweight, efficient power delivery. The gravel collection includes the NEW Reynolds G700/G650 and SUNringlé DÜROC G30 wheels.   Reynolds G700 / G650 Traction and comfort on any terrain, Reynolds G700 and G650 carbon wheels, will handle it all. Featuring a 25mm wide hookless and tubeless channel that matches perfectly with modern bigger gravel tires in both 700c and 650b sizes. Assembled around the new Ringlé SRX gravel hub the G700 and G650 floats over gravel, roots and even pavement if you must. Lightweight and efficient power delivery keep your legs fresh due to Reynolds’ unique asymmetric rim profile, while benchmark durability and enhanced compliance improves traction. The wide TSS channel is perfect for wide tires and low pressures eliminating sore fatigued hands and keeps your rear happy in the saddle.   SUNringlé DÜROC G30 EXPERT Looking for your next off the pavement adventure? With proven reliable performance in all conditions, the SUNringlé DÜROC G30 EXPERT aluminum, gravel wheels will help you conquer the terrain. Whether you’re grinding a climb or exploring the unknown, SUNringlé wheels have you covered. Rider-driven design means SUNringlé gravel wheels and rims are built for your ride. Available in 700c or 650b, the wider rim profile used with higher volume tires, combined with the ability to run lower PSI for increased traction, will improve versatility, durability, and performance. The STR tubeless ready channel gives you easy, trouble-free tubeless setup and reliable burp free performance at low PSI. Our new Ringlé SRX road/gravel hub is designed to perform in all conditions so you can get the most out of your adventure and - your ride.  Choose your own adventure and find the performance and durability in all conditions. Tech meets tough. SUNringlé is built to ride and built to last. TRAIL Taking the rider further off trail, the new Reynolds Trail wheels redefine the category, being light, strong, and compliant. The new low profile, wide channel rim increases cornering speed, trail feel, and improves compliance, featuring an asymmetric rim profile for better power transfer and overall wheel durability. Bridging the gap between XC speed and Enduro tough, Reynolds trail wheels will leave you with confidence-inspiring precision and control. Blacklabel Mountain wheels combine Reynolds’ asymmetric, hookless rim profile featuring our proprietary Impact Dispersing Matrix (IDM) technology and MR5 lay up process. The rim design offers a perfect balance of width, depth, and layup for wheels that provide ultimate durability, riding comfort, and trail-hugging traction like you’ve never experienced before. Manufactured and designed by Industry Nine and Ringlé, the precision hubs set the bar in mountain bike wheel performance. All Reynolds Trail wheels are available with the most current Shimano and SRAM freehbub bodies.   Reynolds Blacklabel 327 PRO &329 Trail PRO Reynolds’ premium wide trail wheelset, the Trail PRO, starts with Reynolds’ asymmetric, hookless rim profile featuring our proprietary Impact Dispersing Matrix (IDM) technology and MR5 lay up process, specifically created for speed, durability, and comfort. These wheels feature 100% CNC machined Reynolds/Industry Nine Hydra hubs with 6-pawl, .52-degree engagement, Sapim CX-Ray spokes, and aluminum nipples.   Reynolds Blacklabel 327 Trail EXPERT & 329 Trail EXPERT The Blacklabel Trail Expert wheels combine Reynolds' asymmetric, hookless rim profile, featuring our IDM technology and MR5 lay up process, specifically created for speed, durability, and comfort. The wheels include Reynolds/Ringlé Super Bubba X hubs with 6-pawl, 4-degree engagement, Sapim CX-Ray spokes, and aluminum nipples.   Reynolds TR327 Trail & TR329 Trail The TR327 Trail and TR329 Trail series use the same asymmetric hookless rim profile as our premium Blacklabel Trail wheels, with our CR3 lay up process. The wheels include new Reynolds/Ringlé SRX MTN hubs with 3-pawl, 12-degree engagement, Sapim Sprint spokes and brass nipples.   Manitou Jack Dropper Post The Manitou Jack dropper post features a cartridge bearing for smooth, precise operation and three drop options – 185mm, 160mm, and 80mm – for improved handling when you need it. Available in 30.9 and 31.6mm diameters, the Jack includes a Manitou cable head which is the same dimension of a cable clamp, allowing all the cable tension adjustment to be completed on the lever side. To further demonstrate the serviceability of Manitou products, the Jack dropper cartridge can be fully rebuilt to replace bushing and seals when the time comes, keeping the smoothest post on
S1/E3 | WC #1 Lourdes - GAMUX

S1/E3 | WC #1 Lourdes

GAMUX FACTORY RACING S1/E3 | WC #1 Lourdes After months of preparation, getting used to brand new equipment, and learning to work together as a freshly assembled team, it was finally time to put ourselves to the test. With Loris fresh from an injury and Linos's first full year racing World Cup, the season's early start did not play in our favor. Non the less, the team doubled down and took this opportunity to refine and learn. Highly motivated staff and partners who are super keen to develop and progress with our riders are key to improving race by race. Massive crowds and good vibes all around make this experience even more enjoyable.Come along to see what went down during the epic race in Lourdes
Manitou R7 Pro im Test bei - GAMUX

Manitou R7 Pro im Test bei

"Manitou R7 Pro im Test: Cross Country, Down Country, „Down-for-Whatever“ – die Manitou R7 Pro tritt an, um alle Belange eines XC-Racers oder Trailliebhabers mit Vorzügen für geringeren Federweg zu erfüllen. Nach längerer Abstinenz kehrte der Race-Klassiker der 2000er-Jahre im Sommer 2020 zurück auf die Bildfläche und möchte mit vielen spannenden Features die etablierten Kräfte auf dem XC-Federgabelmarkt aufmischen. Kann das gelingen?" - MTB News Jetzt den ganzen Bericht auf lesen! --> Manitou R7 Pro im Test: Unkonventionell aber schnell? -


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Join the – Gamux CNC Gearbox Bike At Les Gets   Photo credit: Ross Bell
New Dorado 37! - GAMUX

New Dorado 37!

  Legends never die. The longest-standing inverted downhill-specific fork is back, in a big way. For almost two decades, the Dorado has rewarded riderswith unrivaled suspension performance and on-trail precision. The newest rendition stays true to its heritage with an inverted design, but this is where the similarities end. Featuring a new 37mm chassis, fresh internals, and new material options the all-new Dorado is now available in three trim levels, Pro, Expert, and Comp. More Info:  Manitou Dorado Expert - NEW MY22 – GAMUX (


  Dear customers & partners; We are very pleased to inform you that HAYES BICYCLE is now attacking the Swiss market with new structures. As of today, the entire product portfolio is represented through HAYES BICYCLE Switzerland! HAYES BICYCLE Switzerland is made possible through a new partnership between Gohltech and GAMUX. Gohltech will continue to provide the usual service and warranty work, while GAMUX will now take care of sales, orders, stock management and roadshows in Switzerland. To simplify your work, you can do all your orders or service applications via our new centralised webpage. With the newly created structures, HAYES BICYCLE Switzerland is convinced to serve our customers & partners in the best possible way. As per usual, we are always available for questions regarding products, test possibilities or delivery times. Cheers & happy trails!
Pancho & Tubeless-Tape - GAMUX

Pancho & Tubeless-Tape

Diese Woche haben wir eine erste Charge von Lagerartikeln erhalten. Die Bestseller von Pancho sind jetzt in geringen Mengen auf Lager. Darüber hinaus ist die Verfügbarkeit von Pancho-Produkten entgegen der aktuellen Trendsituation gut. Wir freuen uns auch, Ihnen mitteilen zu können, dass wir jetzt die Vormontage von schlauchlosem Klebeband und Ventil anbieten.                                                                                                                                               Wählen Sie die Option im Shop und Sie erhalten Ihren Radsatz vormontiert mit schlauchlosem Klebeband und Ventilen.