GAMUX Service Center

Gamux offers various services on all the distributed products. If you're having any problems with your components, please fill in the service form and we will reach out shortly to you.

Service Principles

To keep the performance of your suspension at the highest possible level, regular maintenance is recommended.

With every single piston rod movement, the smooth surfaces in the chassis pick up microscopic particles of abrasion. These particles are drawn into the oil and, over time, foul the internal passages and valves. The higher the number of hours of use, the higher the degree of contamination in the oil, which will gradually deteriorate the performance of the landing gear.

  • Gamux Suspension Services all Öhlins MTB products
  • Gohl Tech services all Hayes related brand products
  • If you are unsure whether your product will be processed, please send us an E-mail before sending us your components.
  • Components received which cannot be registered or serviced will be charged with an administration fee of CHF 59.-
  • Components received which is sent in without a printed order confirmation will be charged with a fee of CHF 19.-

Service registration

To have your components serviced at Gamux or Gohl Tech, simply follow these steps:

  • Fill in the service request online, specify the necessary setups truthfully and send the request. We will process your request within 36 hours (business day) and confirm with the appointment by mail.
  • By booking a service appointment, you acknowledge that you have read and accept the Service Terms & Conditions.
  • After we have confirmed the date, send us your component by post or courier.
  • The product will be inspected by a technical staff member upon arrival, if there is any damage beyond normal service, we will contact you immediately and advise you of the additional cost.
  • After the service has been performed and payment has been received, we will return your component on the best way.


The service order is limited to the booked service. The replacement of other spare parts, such as bushings, spokes, nipples, mounting hardware, stickers etc., is not part of the service and must be explicitly stated when placing the order.

Should the product be delivered heavily soiled, so that cleaning is required to execute the order, we will undertake this cleaning and charge for it additionally (+ CHF 39.-).


Cleanliness Policy

Please send your components cleaned to the service. Dirty components will be cleaned by us and the cleaning will be charged with a fee of CHF 39.-



  • Components sent in without service notification will be charged with an administration fee of CHF 49.-
  • Components sent in without printed service confirmation will be charged with an administration fee of CHF 19.-
  • Shipping costs back to the customer
    o from CHF 11.90
    o Shipping via DPD or DHL, alternative shipping on request
  • The components must be sent to us in a sufficiently padded box, otherwise we will charge the additional costs for a new box in addition to the return shipping (box: + CHF 10.-)
  • We decline any liability for late delivery caused by the logistician
  • Return shipment to the customer takes place only after receipt of payment

Gamux & Gohl Tech Service operates only in Switzerland and delivers exclusively to Swiss postal addresses.


Delivery in person

  • Components can be dropped off in person after booking a service slot through the website. Bring your components with printed service confirmation after you have made up an appointment.
  • The removal and installation of components from the bike, will be charged to the customer. Bikes cannot be stored temporarily at our facilities.
  • Upon collection, the customer confirms by means of a signed delivery bill that he has collected his components from our facilities. Subsequent complaints and/or claims are therefore excluded.


Rejection of bookings

  • we may refuse bookings/orders
  • Reasons for refusal may be limited, but do not have to be

o Unpaid invoices
o Spare parts not available
o Proprietary and/or improvised modifications
o Grossly neglected and/or damaged chassis components


Service costs

  • Up to CHF 50 extra cost the service will be performed automatically
  • If the additional costs exceed CHF 50, a cost estimate will automatically be provided.

If no repair/service by Gamux or Gohl Tech is desired after the cost estimate, a handling fee of CHF 59.- plus the working time already invested in the product will be charged.

  • Prices can be adjusted without official communication
  • Cost estimates are valid for 10 days from the date of issue


Processing time

  • The turnaround time will be communicated to you upon order confirmation, usually maintenance work is performed within one working week. In case of delay due to spare parts backlog and/or availability, we will inform you immediately.
  • Processing time does not include the time taken for shipping to our facilities and/or back to the customer.
  • Express orders must be explicitly requested by email and specifically mentioned in the remarks. Express will only be executed if the necessary spare parts and labor capacities are available. An express order must be confirmed by our workshop team as "Express", otherwise the usual conditions apply.
  • The processing time is valid from punctual receipt and cannot be guaranteed.


Cancellation conditions

  • the cancellation, of an already booked service slot, where the articles have already arrived at Gamux, will be charged with an administration fee of CHF 49.- (exclusive shipping)


Terms of payment

The following payment options are available. For an uncomplicated and goal-oriented order processing, exclusively offers online and mobile payment options. Payment deadline after receipt of invoice, but maximum 15 days. Goods will be returned to the customer only after receipt of payment.

  • Prepayment
  • E-banking/online payment
  • PayPal
  • Twint
  • Credit card


Limitations & Exceptions

  • We grant only the maintenance of mountain bike products, no motorsport
  • We cannot guarantee maintenance on components, which was neglected.
  • Generally recommended maintenance interval after 100 hours of use or once a year
  • Certain components require shorter maintenance intervals every 25 or 50 hours
  • Maintenance and repairs have a limited availability from the manufacturer, models which are no longer manufactured often have no spare parts. Therefore, a preliminary clarification is recommended for older products. Repairs are limited by the availability of parts from brand manufacturers. Parts are generally available on the market 3 years after market release. The limitation regarding the availability of parts applies after 3 years.



  • Service warranty includes all possible defects that may occur during service work, excluding normal signs of use, falls or careless handling of the products and any other warranty
  • If your serviced part is not working properly after a service from our facilities, you can contact us within 4 weeks after the service and we will fix the issue. If the 4 weeks are due, a new service request needs to be sent in.
  • Disassembly of components by the customer voids any warranty.
  • Troubleshooting for unknown problems and/or warranty claims, will be charged at CHF 89 plus workshop units for the time invested, regardless of whether the error was found.
  • Warranty claims on Öhlins products, which are known to the manufacturer Öhlins, will be repaired without additional costs.
  • Parts and/or products replaced under warranty will be returned to the manufacturer.
  • In the event of replacement of a spare part under warranty, additional service work will be charged at our normal rates.



Individual components, suspension forks and shocks can be disposed of via GAMUX / Gohl Tech in an environmentally friendly manner (suspension forks can be disposed of for CHF 49.- and all other components for CHF 49.- per unit)


Customized wishes

Search for special components and/or upgrade kits, will be charged with CHF 30.- per 15 minutes of work, products not included and no guarantee of success.