A mountainbike is not just a tool for transportation. It is an extension of your body that enables you to discover and experience the hills of this world.
The ability to experience nature while doing something for healthy, helped mountainbiking become one of the fastest growing sports. Helped by TV-broadcasts, amazing racing and the opening of bikeparks, mountainbiking keeps inspiring people around the world.
GAMUX implements a new take on how we experience the world with mountainbikes.
We prove that personalization and tailor made products are key to elevate the experience to new levels.
With the use of new technologies, we will bring tailor made products to a new segment of customers.
Starting today with high performance products for racing and individuals, we can gather the experience we need to expend our concept. Bringing it to the masses is what our long term goal, we want to embody true mass customization!
Vistit http://gamuxbikes.com for more information!
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