RRP Bearing Press & Extraction Tool


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RRP Bearing Press & Extraction Tool

The Rapid Racer Products - Bearing Press & Extraction Tool (BPET) is designed for the ‘Home Mechanic’ for use on ‘LINKAGE BEARINGS’, however it still works on many pivot and hub bearings.

This tool is designed for the competent home mechanic who has reasonable knowledge and experience of working on bikes. This tool is designed to extract and insert linkage bearings, however the tool can also be used to press and extract bearings on some hubs and freehub bodies

Note: all bearing kit adaptors are sold separately by clicking HERE 



Firstly, ensure you have the correct RRP Bearing Kit to match the bearings you intend to insert / extract (click link below). You can identify which kit you need either by reading the bearing number written on the rubber seal, or you can measure the inner bore race and outer race of the bearing (as shown below) and match it to our list by clicking on the following link. 

Instruction Manual and Kit fitments


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