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RSP Brake Fluid Tester
available Autumn 2021

Professional brake fluid tester. The water content in the brake fluid increases over time: this digital brake fluid tester quickly and accurately display the water content of the brake fluid through LED lights and numbers, reminding us if the brake fluid needs to be replaced.

  • Long-lasting quality: The test probe is made of high-precision metal and is durable for long-term use. After testing, remember to clean it with a dry cloth or paper.
  • Yellow light 1%-2% means that it can be used continuously,
    Red light 3%-4% means that the brake fluid needs to be replaced. When the red light flashes, the battery must be replaced. 

Easy to use.Insert a battery, open the pen cover, press the switch, the green LED lights up, insert the metal probe completely into the container, five LEDs indicate the water content in the brake fluid and turns off automatically after 15 seconds.
Test requires 1 x AAA / 1.5 V battery (not included)

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